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The Impact of the UK Bribery Act on U.S. Companies

Securities Docket put on another fantastic webcast on topics relevant to compliance professionals. Today’s focused on the upcoming Bribery Act in the United Kingdom. If your company has operations in the United Kingdom, you need to pay attention to this law. The upcoming law applies to individuals and companies and outlaws bribes to public officials

The Dark Side of Aggressive Goal Setting in the Workplace: A Shortcut to Unethical Behavior

EthicsPoint sponsored a webinar by Dr. Lisa Ordóñez, University of Arizona, Professor of Management and Organizations in the Eller College of Management at The University of Arizona “Applied managerial experience and hundreds of academic research studies have catalogued the positive impacts of goal setting on performance. Challenging, specific goals compared to instructions to “do your

Social Media and Your Compliance Program

Bill Piwonka, Amanda Mayhew and Rodica Buzescu from EthicsPoint gave a webinar on social media and compliance. These are my notes: The presentation started with a user poll on the approach to social media at the attendees’ organizations: 27% block all social media sites 42% block a few social media sites only 29% allow all

Social Media and Compliance

Here are materials from my presentation on Social Media and Compliance at the EthicsPoint Regional User Forum. SlideDeck:Social Media and Compliance View more presentations from Doug Cornelius. SlideDeck with Notes: Social Media and Compliance – Hosted on JD supra Sites Shown: Google Reader Compliance Building Wall Street Journal’s RSS feeds Securities Docket by Bruce Carton

EthicsPoint Regional User Forum

Today I am attending the EthicsPoint Regional User Forum in Natick, Massachusetts. Here is the agenda: EthicsPoint Executive Overview – Bill Piwonka, EthicsPoint Senior Director of Marketing will share insight on all things EthicsPoint – including product roadmap into 2010 Management, Oversight, and Analytics – A panel of experts will share best practices and ideas

Developing a Culture of Honesty and Integrity…its Not Easy!

EthicsPoint sponsored and presented a webinar from Bob Phillips of RW & Associates, Inc. on Developing a Culture of Honesty and Integrity…its Not Easy! These are my notes. Bob started with a quote from Stephen Covey: “The leader of the future, of the next millennium, will be one who creates a culture or value system

FCPA Compliance & Investigative Due Diligence

EthicsPoint sponsored a webinar with Ellen Zimiles of Daylight Forensic and Advisory LLC, talking about FCPA Compliance & Investigative Due Diligence. This presentation is supposed to provide an overview of current FCPA trends and highlight elements to implement an effective FCPA compliance policy. These are my notes. Ellen started off with a summary of current

Ethical Integrity Leadership – Setting the Tone From The Top

EthicsPoint sponsored this webinar and these are my notes. Howard Sklar, Vice President & Global Anti-Corruption Leader, American Express Company was the presenter. Howard was quick to point out that it is not just the “tone” but having the right “tone.” Also, it not be just the tone “at” the top, but that it be

Is Your Organization Adequately Prepared to Fight Today’s Workplace Fraud?

EthicsPoint published this webinar focusing on proper and efficient investigations. The presenter was Meric Craig Bloch, VP Compliance and Corporate Investigations of Adecco Group North America. Meric predicted more fraud coming into the workplace as part of this down economy. Managers are focused on making their numbers and it is harder to do. Profile of

Best Practice Advice for Improving Employee Awareness of Your GRC Program

This post gathers my notes from a webinar entitled Best Practice Advice for Improving Employee Awareness of Your GRC Program which was presented by EthicsPoint. Barbara Upton-Garvin from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City started off with a discussion of their awareness programs. They highlighted their ethics policies and their whistleblower’s policy.