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Compliance Bits and Pieces – UK Edition

The first case under the new Bribery Act in the United Kingdom has come down, so I’m devoting this roundup of posts to that story. BREAKING: First Bribery Act charges brought in record time in BriberyAct.com The Press Association is reporting that a court official in London is the first person charged under Section 2 of the

The First Days of the UK Bribery Act

It’s a been a few days since the UK’s Bribery Act became effective, making some questionable corporate behavior become clearly illegal. There have been thousands of news stories, legal alerts, and dire warnings about the line in the sand drawn on its date of effectiveness, July 1. Now, there is a bit a waiting, a

Compliance Bits and Pieces – UK Bribery Act Edition

With the recent release of the Guidance under the UK Bribery Act, I decided to pull together some other stories: Howard Sklar decided to start from the back of the guidance and give his thoughts on the case studies: Case Study #1: Facilitation Payments< Case Study #2 Case Study #3: Junior Varsity…I Mean, JVs Case Study #4: Hospitality Case

Guidance Under the UK Bribery Act

We have been waiting for some guidance from the United Kingdom about their new Bribery Act since it received Royal Assent last April. The delay on the guidance has delayed the implementation of the Bribery Act itself. Now the guidance is out. The Bribery Act 2010 creates a new offence under section 7 which can

The Impact of the UK Bribery Act on U.S. Companies

Securities Docket put on another fantastic webcast on topics relevant to compliance professionals. Today’s focused on the upcoming Bribery Act in the United Kingdom. If your company has operations in the United Kingdom, you need to pay attention to this law. The upcoming law applies to individuals and companies and outlaws bribes to public officials

The London Olympics and the Bribery Act

The London Olympics in 2012 will be a test of strength, agility and endurance. That’s just be for the corporate sponsors trying to comply with the UK’s Bribery Act. Unlike the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK’s Bribery Act applies equally to payments made to foreign government officials as it does to payment made

Adequate Procedures to Prevent Bribery in the UK

On 14 September 2010, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice  issued its Consultation Paper on what might be “adequate procedures” prevent bribery. Under section 9 of the Bribery Act, the only defense against criminal liability for a commercial organization which has “failed to prevent bribery” is that the organization had adequate procedures” to prevent bribery.

UK Bribery Act Delayed

When I saw there was a press release from the UK’s Ministry of Justice, I was expecting an announcement of what it meant for a commercial organization to have “adequate procedures” to prevent bribery. That being the only affirmative defense under the Bribery Bill. It turns out that implementation of the Bribery Act will be

U.S. DoJ Asst. Attorney General, Criminal Division, Lanny Breuer Speaks at Compliance Week

Lanny Breuer, selected by President Obama to head the Criminal Division of the Justice Department in January 2009, will discuss practical matters for companies dealing with the Justice Department, including topics such as cooperation, attorney-client privilege, and the importance of pre-existing compliance programs. Breuer will also discuss the Department’s increasing use of proactive law-enforcement strategies

Bribery in Britain

The British government is working on a new Bribery Bill “to reform the criminal law of bribery to provide for a new consolidated scheme of bribery offenses to cover bribery both in the United Kingdom (UK) and abroad.” The Bribery Bill would replaces the offenses under the Public Bodies Corrupt Practices Act 1889, the Prevention