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I am Doug Cornelius. This website tries to capture relevant information about what I need to do my job as the chief compliance officer for private equity real estate company. Compliance and business ethics can cover lots of many different topics so I publish stories about many topics that may seem very different, some of which may be interesting to you, some of which may not be interesting to you. But they are interesting to me. That’s why I took the time to publish them.

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This Page has more About This Website. If you find any of it interesting, subscribe and I will send you updates. You can keep coming back to visit, but the computers are good about automatically sending information. The blog posts provide legal information, not legal advice. I am a lawyer, but I’m not your lawyer. Please read the disclaimers.

I want to be up front about how this website makes money for me so here is my FTC Disclosure. (The answer is that this website makes no money for me.)

Why do I blog?

That is long story, so I put together a separate page on Why I Blog.

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