Compliance Bits and Pieces – UK Edition

The first case under the new Bribery Act in the United Kingdom has come down, so I’m devoting this roundup of posts to that story.

BREAKING: First Bribery Act charges brought in record time in

The Press Association is reporting that a court official in London is the first person charged under Section 2 of the Bribery Act following an expose by the Sun Newspaper.

The case is of interest because it is a domestic bribery case and the charges have been brought, not by the SFO, but by the UK Crown Prosecution Service.

First Case Brought Under UK Bribery Act Looks Nothing Like You Expected by Bruce Carton in Enforcement Action

The first-ever action under the UK Bribery Act has now been filed–but it probably doesn’t look anything like what you expected.

Court employee faces first prosecution under Bribery Act in the Blog of the Crown Prosecution Service.

We have decided that Munir Yakub Patel should be prosecuted under the Bribery Act 2010 in relation to allegations of misconduct during his employment at Redbridge Magistrates’ Court, Ilford, London. He is the first person to be prosecuted under the new Act.

Patel, an administrative clerk, faces a charge under Section 2 of the Act for requesting and receiving a bribe intending to improperly perform his functions.

Court clerk becomes first person charged under Bribery Act by Owen Bowcott in The Guardian

The first person to be charged under the new Bribery Act will be a magistrates court clerk who allegedly accepted £500 for fixing a motoring offence, according to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).