Corresponding with Cornelius – a new series of blog posts


Not all of my online conversations take place here at Compliance Building. I try to make as many comments in other places as I do here. Twitter is a sporadic stream of thoughts, comments, and replies. I also try to leave as many comments on other blogs as I do posts here. I think you should join some of those other conversations. Here are some other blog posts that caught my eye and made me leave some commentary.

Corresponding with Cornelius on Collaboration with Clients by David Hobbie at Caselines

A follow up to my earlier post on Extranets for law Firm and Client Collaboration

Why Corporate Ethics is Usually an Oxymoron by Charles Green of Trust Matters

Charlie does not like the idea of ethics being treated as separate process and an individual course. I agreed.

Live Events in the Age of Social Media by Bill Pollak of Incisive Media

Bill points out the ways Twitter and the social internet are changing the ways conferences are run and what happens after. I point out that they are also changing what happens before the conference.

How Are Lawyers using Twitter by Simon Chester on

I share the ways I use Twitter.

Training: What Works? By Alexandra Wrage on the wrageblog

A great grouping of four types of workers in anti-bribery training. I note that the same paradigm can be applied to most compliance and ethics training.

Social Networks and Employer Branding by Brand for Talent

Mark and I are writing some guidelines on the use of social media for our readers. We invite you to join the conversation.Let us know how you think we can embrace these tools versus police them. I offered up my draft blogging / social internet policy.

The Three Types of Collaboration by Jordan Furlong of Law 21

Jordan sets out a paradigm of three types of collaboration: Lawyer-to-lawyer, lawyer-to-client, and client-to-client. It is one of the few times I have disagreed with Jordan.

I have to credit David Hobbie with coming up with the phrase “Corresponding with Cornelius” which led to this blog post title and this new series of blog posts. (At least new for me.)

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