Start Your Compliance Year Right

After a long weekend, and perhaps a vacation, compliance professionals are coming back into the office with 2018 on the calendar. It’s a clean slate. The possibilities are endless.

Where to start?

I don’t have the answer. There is so much to get done and so many challenges ahead.

No organization has has the same risks, regulatory requirements, or challenges as any other organization. It would be foolish for me to tell you where to start the year.

I can give the simple advice to start. I’m sure you have plenty of things left from 2017 that need to be completed on top of all the other things coming down the pipeline. Start doing something. Get it done and move on to the next. Repeat as necessary.

Compliance is different things to different people, to different organizations, and to different regulators.

But getting something done is always a good step.

So go get something done today.

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