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More on the Massachusetts Regulations on Expert Networks

The Massachusetts Secretary of State issued a new regulation that would affect the ability of investment advisors to use expert networks. This was a direct result of Risk Reward Capital Management being based in Massachusetts. Since the management company was registered as an investment adviser in Massachusetts they are subject to examination and enforcement by

Massachusetts and Expert Network Services

At least one of the hedge funds being investigated for its use of expert networks in based in Massachusetts. In an unusual instance of the state regulators acting before Securities and Exchange Commission, the Massachusetts securities regulators are proposing a new regulation to address the use of expert network services. They are proposing a new

Massachusetts Brings Charges Against a Hedge Fund

You need to worry about more than just the Securities and Exchange Commission when it comes to private fund fraud. State securities regulators generally have the ability to bring fraud charges. Case in point is the Massachusetts’ Secretary of the Commonwealth bringing charges against Risk Reward Capital Management, RRC Management, the RRC Bio Fund and

SEC Is Serious About Expert Networks and Gets a New Logo

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged a hedge fund and four hedge fund portfolio managers and analysts with illegally traded on confidential information obtained from technology company employees moonlighting as expert network consultants. Even bigger news is that the SEC came up with this fancy new logo to brand its expert network investigations and prosecutions.