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More Changes to Insider Trading Law

With the ground-shaking decision in Newman, insider trading law became a bit murky. Cases have been filling in the gaps left in its wake. The Mathew appellate Martoma decision helped fill in some more. From a compliance perspective, this is all chasing butterflies and tilting at windmills. It was clear that Mr. Martoma was involved

The One With The Incriminating Internet Searches

The case against Fei Yan was a fairly straight-forward insider trading case involving leaky M&A transactions. In this case, the leaks came from a junior corporate associate working on the transactions. We can only guess that she told her husband, Mr. Yan, about her day at work and revealed too much information. While Mr. Yan

The One With the Fake Fitbit Steps and Fake News

The quest of any insider trader is to get a stock bet in place before a big announcement is made. Robert W. Murray thought he could just make his own announcement and sell out of his trade. The target was Fitbit. This case caught my attention because of the yelling about “fake news” and Fitbit. I

The One With The Pilfering Lawyer and The Document Management System

The SEC and the DOJ broght charges against Walter C. Little and his neighbor Andrew M. Berke for illegal insider trading. This particular case caught my attention because Mr. Little was a law firm partner and he found the information by searching through his law firm’s document management system. According to the complaints, Mr. Little

The Case of the Security Guard with Ketchup on his Hands

With the flow of announcements from the Securities and Exchange Commission, odd things will catch my eye for further review. For the insider trading case against Todd David Alpert, it was because the SEC said that he “worked as a security professional at the home of a Heinz board member.” A tilt of my head left me

The Supreme Court Weighs in Insider Trading

If you were expecting a tidal wave of changes from the Supreme Court, you will be disappointed. On Tuesday, the Court delivered its opinion in Salman v. U.S. Prosecutors can see a glimmer of upside because they do not have to prove that something valuable changed hands in order to prove the crime of insider trading. Newman

Personal Benefit in Insider Trading

While Mr. Cooperman was accused of making millions on insider trading. Sheren Tsai made $23,914.41 on her illegal trades. The relatively small amount of the gains caught my eye in the press release, but a particular line in the pleadings made me think it was worth highlighting. Ms. Tsai was (is?) in a romantic relationship

Is Cooperman The New Cuban?

The Securities and Exchange Commission brought charges against Mark Cuban for insider trading. The SEC claimed he was an insider based his status as a big shareholder in the company or that he had agreed to not trade on material non-public information disclosed to him. The SEC brought charges against Leon Cooperman for trading on material

A Pair Of Pharma Insider Trading Cases

Pharmaceutical company stock is known to be volatile depending on success or failure of drug trials. As pharma companies become successful they become targets for larger pharma companies looking to supplement their lines. The Securities and Exchange Commission filed two actions recently for suspect trading in pharma companies. The first case is a bread and

A Bad Bet On Insider Trading

The recent insider trading case against William “Billy” Walters of Las Vegas is fascinating for all of the players involved, including him. Plenty has been written about the charges because it implicates pro golfer Phil Mickelson and former Dean Foods board member Thomas C. Davis. All three are implicated in insider trading. How did they get