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Is Bitcoin a Security?

You may have noticed that I focus on SEC actions against real estate companies. At the core of that interest is a look at whether the Securities and Exchange Commission has jurisdiction. The SEC is limited to securities. Commodities get covered by the CFTC and real estate gets covered by ….. Bruce Carton pointed to

The SEC’s Asset Management Unit

Yesterday, Bruce Carton of Securities Docket hosted a webinar: The SEC’s Asset Management Unit and Strategies for Avoiding Trouble in 2011 and Beyond. He managed to get Bruce Karpati, the co-head of the SEC’s Asset Management unit, to participate. Also joining the presentation were John Reed Stark, Managing Director of Stroz Friedberg and former Chief,

Corporate Compliance after Dodd-Frank: Dealing with Whistleblower Bounties

Securities Docket produced a webcast “Corporate Compliance after Dodd-Frank: One Voice; How Many Masters?” that focused on the SEC’s proposed new whistleblower rules and their implications for internal controls and compliance programs, investigations, self-reporting incentives and employer/employee relations, including executive compensation and employee reporting responsibilities. The panelists: Byron Egan, Partner Jackson Walker L.L.P. Jeffrey Sone,

Don’t Lie to the Feds When Caught for Insider Trading

The “classical theory” of insider trading targets “a corporate insider’s breach of duty to shareholders with whom the insider transacts[, and the] misappropriation theory outlaws trading on the basis of nonpublic information by a corporate ‘outsider’ in breach of a duty owed not to a trading party, but to the source of the information.” See

Winding Down From Compliance Week

My head is full of compliance goodness after spending 2.5 days at Compliance Week 2010. The Mayflower Hotel is a great place for a conference this size, with plenty of places to run into people. Substance The agenda was full of great substantive information from fellow compliance professionals. There were sessions on metrics, social media,

Social Media and Compliance

Compliance, ethics, and legal executives at Johnson & Johnson, Best Buy, and The Travelers Companies will provide details on their social media policies, programs, and experiences, focusing on a variety of cultural, legal, and disclosure-related issues. Featuring: Johnson & Johnson Senior Counsel & Assistant Corporate Secretary Douglas K. Chia Best Buy Chief Ethics Officer Kathleen

Questions and Answers with Robert Khuzami

After the news conference announcing the Rearrangement of its Enforcement Program, the Securities and Exchange Commission offered a group of bloggers the chance to ask questions to Robert Khuzami, the Director of Enforcement. (It must have felt like Obi-Wan stepping into the cantina full of low-life scoundrels.) The blogging participants: Todd Sullivan of Value Plays

SEC News Conference on its Enforcement Program

Bruce Carton of Securities Docket, Francine McKenna of Re: The Auditors and I are attending the SEC’s news conference virtually and taking notes using the CoverItLive tool embedded below. SEC Enforcement News Conference

FCPA: Overcoming the Toughest Issues

Bruce Carton and SecurtiesDocket presented this informative webinar. The panelists were: – Hank Walther, Dept. of Justice – Larry Urgenson, Kirkland & Ellis – Elliot Leary, KPMG Forensic – Phil Desing, KPMG Forensic The panel started of with parallel international investigations. This is a new topic because for years there was no other country enforcing

Madoff Hearing at the Senate Banking Committee

I will be covering today’s Senate Hearing (”Oversight of the SEC’s Failure to Identify the Bernard L. Madoff Ponzi Scheme and How to Improve SEC Performance“) along with several guest panelists via the interactive discussion below. Please visit this page today at 2:30 pm to join me, Bruce Carton of Securities Docket, Compliance Week editor