Is The SEC “Kicking and Mutilating The Corpse”?

I have a written a few stories on the SEC’s case against Louis Schooler and his firm, Western Financial Planning Corp. The Securities and Exchange Commission brought charges against them for a real estate investment scheme. Schooler was selling general partnership interests that owned real estate using what looked like inflated valuations. By default general […]

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weapons of math destruction

Weapons of Math Destruction

With big data, comes formulas to parse through the data trying to make sense of it. Those algorithms can help make sense of the data and help filter through the noise to find trends. But those algorithms can also be easily misused and have harmful, if unintended consequences. Cathy O’Neil explores these problems in Weapons of […]

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Compliance Bricks and Mortar for September 2

These are some of the compliance-related stories that recently caught my attention. Maybe you need something to read over Labor Day Weekend? Conflicted Feelings About Conflict Minerals by Matt Kelly in Radical Compliance Don’t die of shock, but a new government report finds that compliance with the Conflict Minerals Rule is still sputtering. That’s the […]

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Umbrella Registration

Continuing with my look at the changes to Form ADV, I spent some time looking at the new umbrella registration. One investment adviser (“Filing Adviser”) will be able to file a single Form ADV on behalf of itself and other investment advisers (“Relying Advisers”). This tackles the problem fund managers had when the manager was […]

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The SEC Wants To Know If You Have An Outsourced CCO

Continuing this week on the changes to the Form ADV is a revision to Item 1.J that lists the chief compliance officer. The new Form ADV will require a registered investment adviser to disclose whether the firm’s CCO is compensated or employed by someone other than the adviser. That is, the SEC wants to know […]

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Separately Managed Accounts

The biggest change to the Form ADV is reporting on separately managed accounts. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking for data and insight into advisers’ operations. I think the benefit to consumers is a side benefit. I have to admit that I was confused as I was browsing through the new changes to Form […]

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The SEC Wants To Know About Your Social Media

The Securities Exchange Commission published an update to Form ADV last week. I’m going to devote this week’s stories to some of the new requirements. Today, I’m looking at reporting of social media. Item 1.I of Part 1A of Form ADV currently requires registered investment advisers to list their websites. The SEC is casting a wider […]

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magic lantern

Compliance Bricks and Mortar for August 26

These are some of the compliance-related stories that recently caught my attention. Private Fund Advisers Must Pay Close Attention to Nuances under Pay-to-Play Restrictions in Light of Upcoming Elections Nationwide As the elections approach nationwide, advisers to private investment funds with current or prospective state or local government entity investors should be mindful of political […]

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When Is Fraud Just A Breach Of Contract?

If you are going to originate some shady mortgages, maybe you shouldn’t nickname the program the “hustle.” If you package up the mortgages and sell them as good mortgages, it would seem you are committing fraud. But maybe not. It may come as no surprise that the company running the “hustle” was Countrywide. According to […]

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SEC Brings Another Private Equity Fund Fee Case

Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of sun, truth, healing, and poetry, and more in classical Greek and Roman mythology. It’s namesake private equity firm has settled charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it was less than truthful in disclosing fees charged to investors. The main thrust of the Apollo case […]

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