Social Media Policies Database

Here is my collection social media policies. I initially gathered a big collection while trying to formulate my own policy. That collection grew over the years to include a variety of industries, types of companies (public or private), industry and approach to social media (proactive, prohibitive or neutral).

The collection began to get overwhelming so I decided to get it organized. I figured I would just share it and make it available. There are 238 policies currently in the database. You can also use the underlying data in the Google Docs Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet also has the date of the policy (if there is one).

Please let me know of other policies that are not in the list. I’m also willing to accept anonymous contributions. You can add policies using this form.

Most of these policies pre-date some of the recent rules from the National Labor Relations Board.

Those rules call into question some aspects of the policies listed in the database. The NLRB has blessed one social media policy as being legal: NLRB Approved Social Media Policy.

Other collections of social media policies:


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