Updated List of Other Blogs I Read


In starting off the new year I thought I would update my blogroll, that list of other sites that I read on a regular basis. There is a link to it in the top menu bar of the website.  Rather than make you have to chase back to the website, I have also included the list below.

Let me know if there are others that you think should be added.

Compliance Related Blogs I Read

Compliance and Business Ethics Organizations

Legal Practice Blogs I Read:

Other Blogs That Interest Me (and may interest you)

  • Andrew McAfee – The Business Impact of IT
  • Dan Ariely – A researcher in behavioral economics
  • GeekDad – The parenting blog of Wired magazine. (I am one of the contributors.)
  • Endless Knots by Jessica Lipnack on virtual teams, networks, collaboration, web 2.0, & knitting.
  • Knowledge Jolt with Jack by Jack Vinson on knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints and other topics
  • Leading Geeks by Jenn Steele – A technology leader’s thoughts
  • William Landay – Writer
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