Compliance Bits and Pieces for September 9

These are some compliance-related stories that recently caught my eye:

JP Morgan explains the euro crisis with LEGO/a> by Feliz Salmon

The woman with an oversized carrot and her friend in overalls with a shovel represent the Social Democrats and Greens.

Anti-Corruption Research Paper Competition Open for Submissions

We are asking young scholars from around the world to take up the challenge of providing innovative new ways to understand and fight corruption and are offering the possibility to showcase these approaches to a global audience of corruption researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

Veto, Veto, Pass! New Governor Means New Breach Notification Law in California by Brendon Tavelli in Proskauer’s Privacy Law Blog

On Wednesday, August 31, 2011, California became the third state this year to amend its existing security breach notification law when Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 24 (“SB 24”). Interestingly, the bill also marks the third time (in three years) that a bill attempting to beef up the state’s breach notice law has landed on the Governor’s desk. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the previous two.

NLRB Administrative Law Judge: Facebook Firings Illegal by Daniel Schwartz in the Connecticut Employment Law Blog

Now, for the first time, an administrative law judge (in Hispanics United of Buffalo) has found that employees’ comments about their working conditions on Facebook could be protected under federal labor laws.