Compliance Bits and Pieces for August 26

These are some compliance related stories that recently caught my attention:

Does the SEC’s Revolving Door Raise Conflicts of Interest? by Bruce Carton in Securities Docket

Every year about four percent of the employees working at the Securities and Exchange Commission decide for various reasons to voluntarily leave the agency and seek greener pastures. Having spent years gaining experience and connections at the nation’s top financial regulator, these lawyers, accountants, economists, and others are often in high demand when they return to the private sector.

O’Donohoe on Potato Chips and Salty Snacks on EconTalk

Should the United States be making computer chips or potato chips? In a 1992 presidential debate, then-candidate Ross Perot stated “you make more making computer chips than potato chips.”  Russ Robert takes a long look at the potato chip manufacturing and distribution process. Well worth an hour of your time

Survey Finds Compliance Chiefs Doing Little Compliance-Related Work by Samuel Rubenfeld in’s Corruption Currents

A survey of corporate compliance professionals in the financial services industry found that 41% of them spend less than half of their time on compliance-related issues. Conducted by National Regulatory Services, the survey found that chief compliance officers spend the least amount of time on compliance-related tasks out of all compliance professionals. Overall, 59% of a chief’s day is spent on such tasks, a slight decline since 2008. Only 25% of them spend more than 90% of their day on compliance issues, a five-point drop since 2008.