Compliance Bits and Pieces for October 8

Here are some interesting compliance related stories that I’ve run into recently:

Birthday Parties Not Enough to Support Inference of Discrimination; Shifting Reasons for Termination Get Case to Jury Though by Dan Schwartz in the Connecticut Employment Law Blog

First, beware the birthday parties. They may be good morale boosters but some people may find them distasteful. In any event, keep the age-related jokes to a minimum.

Explaining the AIG Exit by Felix Salmon in Reuters

There’s now an end in sight to a huge and enormously complex corporate restructuring, of an entity — AIG — which was too big to fail, too big to manage, and which had an enormous black hole at its heart known as AIG Financial Products. Today, AIG is set to emerge as a viable entity roughly half its former size, small enough to fail, with the black hole gone. That’s not only a substantial achievement; it’s also a good proof of concept when it comes to the FDIC’s new resolution authority.

This Week in Social Media & Employment Law: Facebook Privacy Settings, Stored Communications Act, Social Media Policies by Daniel Schwartz in the Connecticut Media and Employment Law Blog

As social media continues to dominate the world — or at least conversations about employment law — there are a few notable posts that are worth delving into this week that explore the topic further.

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