Winding Down From Compliance Week

My head is full of compliance goodness after spending 2.5 days at Compliance Week 2010. The Mayflower Hotel is a great place for a conference this size, with plenty of places to run into people.


The agenda was full of great substantive information from fellow compliance professionals. There were sessions on metrics, social media, corporate governance, ROI, organizational structures and communications. There were lots of closed door sessions that have not made their way into the blog, where compliance professionals could have more open discussions without the presence of media or vendors.

On top of that, we heard some great perspectives from top government officials, like Lanny Breur, Gary Grindler, Shelley Parratt, Barney Frank and Luis Aguilar.

Of course the best part of any conference is being able to interact with your peers. This was a great gathering of people in the compliance field.

Matt Kelly, Francine McKenna and Me

Old Friends

For me, it was great to once again spend time face-to face with old friends like Scott Cohen, Matt Kelly, Bruce Carton, Francine McKenna, Melissa Klein Aguilar, Bill Piwonka, Carole Switzer, Kathleen Edmond, and Scott Giordano.

New Friends

One of the great things about have a blog, or micro-blogging on Twitter is being able to get in touch with people prior to meeting them in person and then staying in touch with them.

Here are some of the Twitterati I was finally able to meet face-to-face:

tfoxlaw Tom Fox
David Seide
Scott Mitchell
Doug Jacobson
Doug Chia

Of course, I met more people who don’t blog or use Twitter. It’s just harder to keep those weak ties.

Behind the Scenes

Gina Imperato, Elizabeth Busch, Anne Frey-Mott, Beckie Jankiewicz and the rest of the Event Studio team did a great job of running the conference, getting the attendees where they need to go and making the speakers look good.

Next year