Update on the Social Media Policies Database

My social media policies database is now up to 162 policies. I troll the internet periodically to add new policies as they become public.

If you are looking to draft your own social media policy, the policies in the database are a good place to start.

Currently they are organized into these industries

  • Education (5)
  • Financial (2)
  • Government (40)
  • Healthcare (17)
  • Law Firm (3)
  • Media (18)
  • Non-profit (11)
  • Professional services (16)
  • Retail (10)
  • Sports (3)
  • Technology (24)
  • Utility (1)

Plus, there are a 10 generic templates.

Clearly, government is over-weighted in the database. Is it because government bodies are ahead of private industry when it comes to creating social media policies? I doubt it. I think they are just more likely to publish the policy or otherwise make it publicly available.

If you want to contribute a policy to the database, you can use the form below.

Social media bandwagon image is by Matt Hamm under a creative commons license.