Wrap Up of the Global Ethics Summit 2010

Dow Jones and Ethisphere put on a great conference addressing ethics and compliance professionals. The Global Ethics Summit 2010 had a stellar line up of panels and presenters.

As with most conference’s it lacked power and wifi access. Fortunately, my company’s sturdy laptop battery and AT&T wireless access card allowed me to live blog from the sessions. Below are the blog posts that contain my notes from each session.

For pictures, DowJones has published some photos on Flickr: Global Ethics Summit 2010 Photos. There is also a stream of updates on Twitter from the conference: #GlobalEthics.

Since the posts were live from the sessions they are probably riddled with typos and grammatical errors. At least it’s better than my handwriting.

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?
New challenges abound amid advancing best practices, not to mention the continually escalating rate of enforcement both by U.S. regulators and overseas officials. What’s on the horizon for compliance? This roundtable discussion comprised…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Working Toward a Healthier Organization: Pfizer’s Compliance Program
There are a number of challenges associated with maintaining integrity as a top priority in a highly competitive global business. But sometimes, despite company’s most earnest efforts to effectively implement compliance metrics and…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Tone at the Top: The Board’s Role
Understanding and supporting a prudent ethical and compliant tone throughout an organization is a core responsibility of the board of directors. Board actions are more transparent than ever to employees, investors, regulators, media…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Global Insights into the Anti-Corruption Landscape
Dow Jones Risk & Compliance presents the results of a recent survey of current anti-corruption regulation, emerging trends and the impact on corporations around the world.The speaker was Rupert de Ruig, Managing Director,…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Doing More with Less: Compliance During Tough Economic Times
Let’s face it: compliance is usually seen as a cost center. While there’s been some good and interesting research about the positive impact on the business of a good ethical culture and brand,…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Training a Diverse Workforce: Best Practices
Having a code of ethics is not enough to ensure compliance. Training is the vital step that brings these standards to life—effective training helps ensure that key tenets are retained and applied. While…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Don’t Be Evil: Imagination at Work with Google and GE’s Compliance Programs
General Electric and Google are two very different, yet equally substantial powerhouses with varying businesses to each company’s name. Ensuring compliance with U.S. and foreign regulations while maintaining Google and GE’s respective competitive edges…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Transparency – What, How Much and When?
How much should a company be disclosing to shareholders, investing communities, regulatory authorities and customers about its compliance program and other ethics-related activities? What risks does a company shoulder when it takes a…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?When the Government Comes Knocking
What’s the best course of action when addressing a regulatory inquiry? Many have suggested that having a better than average compliance program to showcase will certainly help your case. But what are some…Read more »

Compliance 2010 – What’s Next?Does Compliance Matter?
When trouble arises, one of the factors prosecutors consider during an investigation is the existence of a strong compliance program. Recently proposed amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines would formally lower the sentencing…Read more »

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