Social Networking is Serious Business – Presentation Materials

I  joined John Pepper, the CEO of Boloco and Russ Edelman the CEO of Corridor Consulting at meeting of the New England Chapter of AIIM on Friday. The topic was “Social Networking is Serious Business.”

Russ started us off with a great background on Web 2.0 and social networking tools.

Here is the slidedeck he used:

John showed how he uses web 2.0 tools as part of his business. It was an impressive display of how he listens to his customers. My favorite story was John seeing a tweet from a customer in one of the Boloco locations complaining the background music was too loud. John called up the store manager and told him to turn it down. The customer was happy in minutes. We were also happy that John handed out Boloco cards for some free burritos.

Being the lawyer and compliance guy on the panel, I focused on the regulatory, compliance and legal issues related to web 2.0 / social networking. I showed some of the downside and the ways to get yourself in trouble. In other words, I put the emphasis on the “serious” part in the presentation name.

Here is my slidedeck:

Since my slides are mostly images instead of words, you may be wondering what I was saying. You can see my notes along with the slides: Social Networking is Serious Business. Hosted on JDsupra.

A big thanks to the New England Chapter of AIIM for inviting me.

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