You Are Here: From the FTC for Your Kids

You Are Here

We’re from the government. We’re here to help.

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a new site designed to help kids learn to protect their privacy, spot frauds and scams, and avoid identity theft.

You Are Here is set up as a virtual mall.

  • Visit the West Terrace to learn about advertising techniques, target marketing, and suspicious claims.
  • Visit the Food Court to learn about business competition, supply and demand, the history of the FTC, and mergers and monopolies.
  • Visit the Security Plaza to learn about protecting your privacy (online and off), and protect the citizens of Earth against identity-stealing invaders.
  • Visit the East Terrace to learn about bogus modeling offers, “free” vacations, “miracle” products, and tip-offs to rip-offs.

You can read more about You Are Here in a story on GeekDad: You Are Here: From the FTC for Your Kids.

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