Radical Transparency


The current buzzword in the markets is “transparency.” Companies want to be more transparent so investors, customers and partners can better understand the company. Some of this came from Enron, whose operations and financial statements were often called “opaque.”

With the growing Web 2.0 it is harder to get secrets as anyone with an internet connection can become a publisher. There are armies of “reporters” looking for the truth. Or at least saying what they believe, regardless of the factual basis.

Some companies are taking it further by making their operations and plans more open to the public. They are embracing web 2.0 to stay connected with their stakeholders. They are becoming more transparent. The Naked Corporation by Don Tapscott and David Ticoll offers an interesting perspective on this

Nobody sane strips down naked in front of their peers. Or maybe you do?

Air New Zealand’s current ad campaign is that they have “Nothing to Hide.” Maybe they took radical transparency too far?

Thanks to Mary Abraham of Above and Beyond KM for pointing out the Air Zealand videos: Why Are You Hiding?