Federal Knowledge Management Working Group

The Federal Knowledge Management Working Group consists of over 700 Federal employees, contractors, academicians and interested members of the public who have mounted a campaign to enhance collaboration, knowledge and learning in the Federal Government by implementing formal knowledge management.

Neil Olonoff, who is the leader for the initiative looking at the formation of a Chief Knowledge Officer for the federal government, sent me note about this impressive initiative.

Mission: Inform and support federal government departments, agencies, organizations, and their constituencies in the research, development, identification, and implementation of knowledge management (KM) activities, practices, lessons learned, and technologies. To accomplish this mission, the Federal KMWG will mobilize and leverage thought leaders and KM practitioners from government, quasi-government, academia, non-government, nonprofit, and the private sector around the globe.

They have already putting together a tremendous wiki full of information at KM.gov (which redirects to http://wiki.nasa.gov/cm/wiki/?id=1926).

I recommend taking a look at the PowerPoint presentation they posted on knowledge management is important to the federal government: Federal Knowledge Management Initiative (PPT). There are some great ideas that are can be reused for your organization.


Jeanne Holm is the elected chair of the Federal Management Working Group. In the original post, I had identified Neil Olonoff as the holder of that position. Jeanne sent me a nice note with the clarification. You can reach Jeanne on Twitter @Jeanne_JPL.