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The Rise and Fall of Jon Corzine

Bryan Burrough, William D. Cohan and Bethany McLean have a piece in this month’s Vanity Fair on Jon Corzine, the man behind the spectacular crash of MF Global. It doesn’t provide much insight into what happened at MF Global or where the missing money went. But is does paint an interesting picture of the captain

Occupy the SEC

I will admit that I have been personally dismissive of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the splinter group of Occupy Boston that I pass by on the way to the office. Yesterday’s post on Occupy LEGO Land was an example. They lack a message and I personally think most of their message are off

Occupy LEGO Land

As the #OccupyWallStreet protests grew, it was inevitable that the movement would spread in unusual ways. That includes plastic toys. “We must not be LEGO ‘lands’ — We must be a LEGO NATION.” #OccupyLegoLand is a Facebook Fan Page that gives voice to LEGO minifigures. Like Occupy Wall Street, they are battling on many fronts: