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The SEC Is Making Room For A New Regulation

Although is questionable whether the Securities and Exchange Commission is subject to President Trump’s executive order calling for a reduction in the number of regulations, the SEC seems to be taking it to heart. Last week, Congress started the push to roll back the Extraction Disclosure Rule. This week, the SEC is looking to roll […]

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The New Supreme Court Pick and Private Funds

Justice Scalia died last year and replacing his position has been held up by partisan politics ever since. President Trump has made his pick, federal appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch from the 10th Circuit, and the confirmation battle has begun. Being very liberal on social issues, I’m disappointed that the Senate chose not consider President […]

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Add One, Take Two Away

Prior to his inauguration, President Trump promised a 75% reduction in regulations. I was left scratching my head about what he meant. Did he want the Code of Federal Regulation to be 75% shorter? How do you decide where one regulation begins and another starts? What about statutes enacted by Congress that specifically mandate the […]

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Clayton, Jay
Sullivan & Cromwell

The New Administration’s Pick for the Chair of the SEC

Wall Street lawyer Jay Clayton is slotted to head the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the Trump administration. This is a big change from Chair White whose background was in prosecution. Chair White had a long list of prosecutions from serving a decade as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. (She […]

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The Latest Word on the SEC’s Administrative Judges

There have been several challenges to the constitutionality of the in-house administrative judges at the Securities and Exchange Commission. The problem is that the judges are appointed by an internal panel instead of by the President or the SEC Commissioners. The SEC has fended off attacks. Now there is break in wall. The 10th Circuit found […]

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Bold and Unrelenting SEC Enforcement

We are in a time of transition at the Securities and Exchange Commission. There are two vacancies on the Commission and Chair Mary Jo White has announced her departure. Although there are changes coming to the highest level of the SEC, the vast majority of the SEC personnel are staying in place and continuing their […]

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When Does A Stock Picking Contest Turn Into a Derivative

Forcerank’s premise was simple: “fantasy sports for stocks”. Forcerank runs mobile phone games where players predict the order in which stocks would perform relative to each other.  In its original form, if a player did well he or she won points and could some receive a cash prize. Forcerank kept 10 percent of the entry […]

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See the Changes to Form ADV

With all the regulatory changes to Form ADV coming out, I found it tough to figure out what the changes look like on the form. The Securities and Exchange Commission published a helpful redline that highlights the changes. The SEC is not willing to stand behind the redline, noting: This document illustrates most of the […]

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Separately Managed Accounts

The biggest change to the Form ADV is reporting on separately managed accounts. The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking for data and insight into advisers’ operations. I think the benefit to consumers is a side benefit. I have to admit that I was confused as I was browsing through the new changes to Form […]

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SEC Brings Another Private Equity Fund Fee Case

Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of sun, truth, healing, and poetry, and more in classical Greek and Roman mythology. It’s namesake private equity firm has settled charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it was less than truthful in disclosing fees charged to investors. The main thrust of the Apollo case […]

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