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The SEC Administrative Law Judges Are Heading to the Supreme Court

The use of administrative law judges by the Securities and Exchange Commission has been strained since the jurisdiction was expanded under Dodd-Frank. There have been a series of cases challenging the ALJs under the the Appointments Clause of the Constitution. The problem was that the judges were appointed by an internal panel instead of by the

Full Speed Ahead for the SEC

Commissioners Hester M. Peirce and Robert J. Jackson, Jr. are, According to Jay Clayton’s math the 96th and 97th Commissioners of the Securities and Exchange Commission after being sworn in last week. It’s been two years since the SEC has been at full strength. Perhaps this means that rule-making will proceed ahead. Based on the

SEC Ratifies the Appointment of Administrative Judges

In a stunning turn, the Securities and Exchange Commission altered its treatment of the SEC’s administrative law judges. There have been several challenges to the constitutionality of these in-house judges. It appears that the Trump administration’s Department of Justice changed position and perhaps undercut the position of the SEC. That caused the SEC to change it’s

The War at the CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been a political hotspot since it was first proposed in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. The Republican leadership miscalculated in blocking Elizabeth Warren from becoming the first CFPB Director, which allowed her to turn to election as Senator and becoming a much larger political figure. Her replacement

SEC Enforcement Annual Results and Looking Forward

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Enforcement Division just issued a report highlighting its priorities for the coming year a look back at enforcement actions that took place during the past year. The Enforcement Division’s Co-Directors Stephanie Avakian and Steven Peikin stated stated five core principles that will guide their enforcement decision-making: focus on the Main Street investor;

Watching the Watch Dogs

According to a story by Jean Eaglesham in the Wall Street Journal, at least two employees working for SEC’s Inspector General have filed complaints alleging that he and his senior staff retaliated against them for calling out misconduct within the inspector general’s office. The allegations center on potential time and attendance fraud by a supervisor

SEC’s Retail Strategy Task Force

One of the complaints voiced by private equity firms when put under the scrutiny of the Securities and Exchange Commission was that their fund investors were sophisticated and adept when making their investment choices so there were fewer problems. Some of the actions coming out of fund review has proven that thesis may not be

The One With the Pilfering Partner

Expenses charged by private equity managers to their portfolio companies and their funds has been on the SEC’s radar since Dodd-Frank. Apollo Management was one of those caught with improper fee calculations last year. One item mentioned was the inappropriate expenses charged to the funds by one of its partners. We got more detail on

Home Court Advantage

One of the arguments made by Lynn Tilton in her battle against the administrative law judges of the Securities and Exchange Commission was the inherent unfairness of that judicial system compared to the federal courts. She failed in her battle against the system, but won on the merits. From October 2010 through May 2015, 90

The Triumph of Lynn Tilton

Lynn Tilton and her firm, Patriarch Partners, are known for their high-risk, high-return investments in distressed companies. The Securities and Exchange Commission brought a case against her and the firm claiming that they were using improper valuations, failing to mark down assets when the investment became more distressed. Ms. Tilton chose to fight the charges