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Headline Risk

On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal published an article on conflicts between the top executives of some private equity firms and their personal investments: “Fund Kings Open Family Offices.” The article focused on two aspects of the executives’ wealth management: (1) distractions from activities outside the funds and (2) conflicting investments with the funds. On […]

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I'm just a bill from Schoolhouse Rock

Financial Choice Act 2.0 for Private Fund Managers

The Republican agenda is moving ahead to unwind much of the Obama Administration’s legislative and regulatory achievements. The first attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed. Next up is raising the debt ceiling, tax reform and Dodd-Frank appeal. (I question how much Congress can take on at one time.) Jeb Hensarling, Chairman of the House […]

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Im-just-a-bill -schoolhouse rocks

Financial Choice Act

Congress is currently occupied with health care. That is just one item on the agenda for the Republican leadership in Congress and President Trump. All have mentioned in one way or another to undo some of the evils of Dodd-Frank. The big questions is how long will it take to move the American Health Care […]

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money penny

Co-Investments and the SEC

Last year, regulators from the Securities and Exchange Commission raised concern about co-investments. The statements were vague about what was bothering the regulators. Co-investments allow a private equity to lower its exposure to an investment and give others an opportunity to invest along side the fund at a discounted rate. It can be an opportunity to […]

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California’s Private Fund Disclosure Bill

California’s soon to be enacted new law, AB 2833, requires every California public investment fund to require its alternative investment vehicle fund managers to make disclosures regarding fees and expenses. AB 2833 mandates that that every California public investment fund (that includes CalSTRS and CalPERS) must make the following disclosures at least annually: The fees and […]

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Umbrella Registration

Continuing with my look at the changes to Form ADV, I spent some time looking at the new umbrella registration. One investment adviser (“Filing Adviser”) will be able to file a single Form ADV on behalf of itself and other investment advisers (“Relying Advisers”). This tackles the problem fund managers had when the manager was […]

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Don’t Charge Your Examination and Investigation Expenses to Your Funds

Most private fund documents allow the manager to charge the funds for expenses incurred in the operation of the funds. Most investors expect and most managers charge the funds for some of the legal expenses and consulting expenses. The Securities and Exchange Commission though Cherokee went too far in charging the funds for expenses related […]

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Another Private Equity Fee Case from the SEC

When the Securities and Exchange Commission announced last year that it was not happy with the fees private equity funds were charging and how they were disclosed (or not disclosed) to investors, we expected enforcement cases to follow. They are here. The latest is against Fenway Partners for failing to disclose conflicts of interest to […]

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Private Fund Statistics

If you manage a private fund and are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, you spend a good chunk of April (and maybe more) filling out Form PF. Ever wonder what the SEC does with all that data? They publish an annual report on fund statistics, which was recently released. Form PF implemented Section […]

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Why I think the Accredited Investor Standard Should Not Change

The SEC Investor Advisory Committee is scheduled to vote on a reform plan from a subcommittee at its Oct. 9 meeting. That plan calls for the SEC to rethink the income and net-worth minimums used to define an “accredited investor.” Much of the concern about private placements is about risk. They seem to be universally […]

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