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Compliance Bits and Pieces: Ground Zero Mosque Edition

One part of compliance is investigation. Find the facts. Don’t rely on opinion or self-interest statements. With all the hullabaloo about the Ground Zero Mosque I thought I would gather some factual information. First off. It’s not at Ground Zero. Just How Far Is the “Ground Zero Mosque” From Ground Zero? by Matt Sledge in

Snow and Ice in August

It’s August, but here in Massachusetts we need to start thinking about snow and ice. Not because of climate change, but because of the Supreme Judicial Court. They just issued a ruling that changes the standard of liability for snow and ice hazards. The standard in the Massachusetts had been that a property owner could

The Tree of Contracts

An image from A Treatise on Commercial Law: With Forms of Ordinary Legal and Business Documents, and Copious Questions with References, by A. Norton Fitch. This 1889 image is part of the Yale Law Library collection and published in their Flickr gallery.