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The One With The Fake Cancer Detection

The product sounds great: “The Gold Standard to monitor metastic breast cancer. Our Serum-2 test provides a more accurate representation of HER-2 status, facilitating more appropriate treatment strategies.” NanoMolecularDX is “executing a commercialization strategy” for this test and others.  In July is closed on $1 million of seed funding. I’m an advocate for cancer research and […]

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Fraud Torn Paper Concept

The One With The Floundering Hedge Fund

I’m a local homer, so fraud cases in Massachusetts catch my attention, especially when they involve private funds. The case of the floundering hedge fund, MC2 Capital, founded by Yasuna Murakami, is the usual example of greed and failure to acknowledge one’s mistakes. Mr. Murakami had big dreams and in the glory days of 2007 thought […]

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The One With The Options Pricing Theft

Some financial fraud is easy to spot. Some is hard to spot. Some I barely understand. Kevin Amell was very clever in hiding his alleged fraud and I’m not sure I understand exactly how he pulled it off. Mr. Amell was a fund manager at Eaton Vance for its Risk-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund. The […]

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Slapping Down Investment Research Website

The Securities and Exchange Commission took the “extreme step” of warning consumers that articles on the internet may not be objective and independent. They sent up a warning signal to deceptive promoters by announcing enforcement actions against 27 individuals and entities behind various alleged stock promotion schemes that left investors with the impression they were reading independent, […]

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The One About The Defrauding Pastor

When you run across someone trying to get you to invest risk-free with a high annual return, you know you have run into a fraudster. Unless god is on the side of the investment, there is no such thing as a high-rate, risk-free return. Apparently, Larry Holley, the pastor of Abundant Life Ministries in Flint, Mich., […]

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The SEC Is Using Satellites To Hunt For Fraudsters

I did not find the headline to be remarkable: SEC Charges Mexico-Based Homebuilder in $3.3 Billion Accounting Fraud. The subtitle caught my attention: SEC Uses Satellite Imagery to Crack Case We learned from the Rajaratnam insider trading case that the SEC was using wire taps and informants as part of its securities fraud investigations. The SEC […]

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The SEC Is Serious About Protecting Seniors

It was a real estate fraud action that caught my eye, but the victims that kept me reading. The Securities and Exchange Commission filed charges against Paul Garcia and his fund management company, Caliber Capital, for defrauding investors. Since it was a real estate fraud, it caught my eye. But I didn’t have to dive […]

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Wealth Building by Stealing From Your Investors

Jim Toner wants to help you get rich investing in real estate. He has a “simple 3 step method the ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ don’t want you to know about creating lasting wealth with real estate…” According to an SEC complaint those steps are lying to investors, taking undisclosed fees, and pocketing some of the capital. […]

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The Duchess and the Mouse Hole Cheat for Russian Athletes

Widespread cheating by Russian athletes has been uncovered. One of the key figures was Russian Dr. Rodchenkov who had breakthrough work on the detection of peptides and long-term metabolites of prohibited substances. In the jargon of espionage, Dr. Rodchenkov was a double agent. While operating at the forefront of doping detection, he was secretly developing a […]

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Trustee Charged As A Failed Gatekeeper

When a fraud is uncovered, the Securities and Exchange Commission not only wants to get the fraudsters, it also wants to get those who should have stopped the fraud: the gatekeepers. Recently, the SEC has brought charges against a fund administrator and fund auditors. The latest is a case against The Securities and Exchange Commission […]

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