Month: February 2011

Blogoversary and Why I Blog

Instead of substantive information, today’s post focuses on me and this website. Compliance Building went public on February 12, 2009. Since then, I have managed to publish a blog post every business day. Sometimes, more than one. I hope at least some of those 1250 posts were useful to you, whether you are a subscriber

Compliance Bits and Pieces for February 11

Here are some recent compliance-related stories that caught my eye: FIFA, the World Cup Selection and the FCPA by Tom Fox I was very interested in the allegations of bribery and corruption leveled at FIFA during the selection process, known, these days, as the “world’s richest and most influential single-sport ruling body”. As has been

Parking and Compliance

Do you pull into a parking space or back in? Does it matter? Do you need a rule? The other day I pulled into a parking lot and saw one of these “head in parking only” signs. It bothered me. Why does it matter whether I parked with my headlights in or my taillights in?

SEC Is Serious About Expert Networks and Gets a New Logo

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged a hedge fund and four hedge fund portfolio managers and analysts with illegally traded on confidential information obtained from technology company employees moonlighting as expert network consultants. Even bigger news is that the SEC came up with this fancy new logo to brand its expert network investigations and prosecutions.

Complying with Regulations and Ethics

If you are running a compliance program you spend a lot of time reading regulations and trying to figure out how they apply to your company. Some are very clear and make it easy to understand what you need to do. Unfortunately, many are not. Are there corruption and ethical issues tied to your interpretation?

Popping the Irish Bubble

In compliance, you need to learn from your mistakes so you can prevent future problems. There were many mistakes that lead to the 2008 financial crisis, not just in the United States, but also abroad. Michael Lewis wrote The Big Short, taking a look at the Unites States financial crisis and has written great stories

Private Fund Compliance Forum

Thousands of private equity firms are scrambling to meet the July deadline to register with the SEC. New disclosure rules are being proposed for private equity managers with more than $1bn in assets. PEI Media is producing its second annual PEI Private Fund Compliance Forum 2011 to help prepare you prepare for the new wave

Compliance Bits and Pieces for February 4

Here are some recent compliance-related stories that caught my eye: Leadership (as told by the Pointy-Haired Boss) Paper Lion Ahead for SEC’s Pay-to-Play Exemption? by Allix Magaziner in the Pay to Play Blog On March 14, the SEC’s pay-to-play rule will come into effect and there is growing concern that the rule’s exemption for accidental

A Criminological Perspective on Business Ethics

White-collar crime has a strong influence on business ethics. Joseph Heath uses a criminological perspective to help illuminate some traditional questions in business ethics in his paper: “Business Ethics and Moral Motivation: A Criminological Perspective” Heath starts off with the premise that the ‘‘ethics scandals’’ in the early years of the twenty-first century was not

Do Hedge Funds Create Criminals?

Lynn Stout takes the recent charges against arrest of Raj Rajaratnam, founder of the Galleon Group, and the recent raids on expert networks as an indictment of the entire hedge fund industry. She makes the mistake of using a few bad apples to state the whole industry is corrupt. The vast majority of hedge funds