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Hiring Lawyers for Employees Under Investigation

Your company comes under investigation and specific employees are implicated. What is the right way to get lawyers for those employees? Assuming the company is picking up the cost of the lawyers, the company usually wants to have some input on the selection. A recent New Jersey case highlighted some of the issues involved for

Corporate Miranda for Internal Company Investigations

As in-house counsel are often the ones starting an internal investigation, they need to be mindful of the same issues that appear when outside counsel are conducting an internal investigation. I wrote about the referral for discipline in the Ruehle case and the malpractice claim in Pendergast-Holt investigation in Attorney-Client Privilege and Internal Investigations. It

Conducting C-Suite Investigations

EthicsPoint presented a webinar on conducting C-Suite Investigations, with Sally Rhys, BA, MS, CCEP of Business Ethics Focus.  No-one wants to believe that allegations against the C-suite (Senior Executives) could be true. But with daily news reports of more cases of illegal and unethical transgressions by senior leaders, we all know that every organization is

Investigating Suspected Financial Accounting Irregularities

I watched the webinar from EthicsPoint and Kroll on Investigating Suspected Financial Accounting Irregularities. Jed Davis is the Managing Director in the Business Intelligence and Investigations Division of Kroll and Dave Hess is the Managing Director of the Forensic Accounting and Litigation Consulting Division of Kroll. Dave emphasized the need to have a plan in