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The Dangers of Bribery

The downfall of local politician can cast a shadow of filth across your company. Here in Boston, state Senator Diane Wilkerson was arrested for public corruption. In an editorial in the Boston Globe, the newspaper noted that Wilkerson’s arrest raised suspicions about real estate developments in her district that she aggressively supported: The Grimy Side

Ethics as a Business Process

Adam Turteltaub wrote Ethics as a Business Process for the fall 2005 edition of GRC 360. Forward-looking companies are seeking to evolve business from soft art to hard science as a means to win in the marketplace, improve competitive advantage, achieve higher market valuations, ensure employee retention, foster fruitful partnerships and strengthen customer satisfaction. .

The Power of How presentation by Dov Seidman

LRN published the transcript of a presentation by Dov Seidman at the Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University: The Power of How: Achieving Enduring Success Through Ethics. Basically, in a world in which nothing stays hidden, you have to act as if you have nothing to hide. But before you can act as though