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Weekend Humor: Dodd-Frank Update

Jon Stewart helps celebrate the one year anniversary of Dodd-Frank (for those of you who grew up on Schoolhouse Rocks.) The Daily Show – Dodd-Frank UpdateGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

Happy Birthday Dodd-Frank!

This happened one year ago: Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of regulatory production. It was a huge bill. (My copy goes on for 848 pages.) The Regulations it requires are many times more massive that the bill itself. We will experience the repercussions for years. So we may as well keep count. Dodd-Frank Wall

SEC Made It Harder to Earn Performance Fees

As a general rule, investment adviser cannot charge performance fees. Section 205(a)(1) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 generally prohibits an investment adviser from entering into, extending, renewing, or performing any investment advisory contract that provides for compensation to the adviser based on a share of capital gains on, or capital appreciation of, the

SEC Extends Deadline and Adopts Rules for Advisers and Private Funds

At an open meeting on June 22, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted new rules under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 aimed at investment advisers, private fund managers, venture capital funds, and family offices. Based on the statements at the meeting, there will be three new rules would: Delay Registration Deadline and a New

Felons and Fund Managers

Most private funds rely on a Rule 506 exemption under Regulation D to sell their limited partnership interests to investors. A new SEC rule amending Rule 506 should catch the eye of private fund compliance officers. The concept it fairly straight-forward: felons should not be allowed to take advantage of the private offering exemptions. Dodd-Frank

Will Private Equity be Exempted from Registration?

In earlier versions of Dodd-Frank, when it was being formulated in the House committee, there was an exemption for private equity fund managers from registration under the Investment Advisers Act. It also had an exemption for venture capital fund managers. Only the venture capital exemption managed to survive. Of the many attempts to cut back

The SEC Is Making it Harder for Investment Advisers to Earn Performance Fees

The Securities and Exchange Commission is proposing to raise the dollar thresholds for someone to be considered a “qualified client.” The definition of a qualified client is set out in Rule 205-3. This is an exemption to the Section 205(a)(1) general prohibition on performance fees.  Section 205(e) grants the SEC the power to create an

The Monstrous Size of Dodd-Frank

“What is 20 times taller than the Statue of Liberty, 15 times longer than “Moby Dick” and would take the average reader more than a month to read, even if you hunkered down with it for 40 hours a week?” If you’ve been Dodd-Frank’ed, you know the answer. The last round of financial overhaul was

Possible Extension to Registration for Private Fund Managers

Dodd-Frank put enormous pressure on the Securities and Exchange Commission to create dozens of new rules. Tile IV of the law, the Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act of 2010, shifts thousands of mid-sized investment advisers from federal to state registration. It also repeals the private adviser exemption, causing most private fund managers to register