A Money Services Business Guide to Money Laundering Prevention

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network published the Money Services Business Guide to Money Laundering Prevention (pdf). The manual starts with the definition of a “Money Service Business.” Your business may be an MSB (Money Services Business) if… The business offers one or more of the following services: ■ money orders ■ traveler’s checks ■ check

Lay-Person’s Guide to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The United States Department of Justice has put together a Lay Person’s Guide to FCPA on the the Department’s site on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The 1988 Trade Act directed the Attorney General to provide guidance concerning the Department of Justice’s enforcement policy with respect to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (“FCPA”),

Kay v. United States

Kay v. United States (Docket: 07-1281) is on the docket of the Supreme Court’s opening conference on September 29, 2008 for the Court’s October 2008 term. The petition for certiorari and all cert-stage briefs are available at scotusblog.com. David Kay and Douglas Murphy were sentenced in 2005 to 37 and 63 months in prison respectively

Social Networking for Lawyers

I am in New York City today participating in a panel on Social Networking for Lawyers sponsored by New York Legal Marketing Marketing Association. I will be joining Robert Ambrogi of Legal Line, David Johnson a member of the advisory board of Legal OnRamp and John Lipsey of Martindale Hubbell. The LMA put together this

Wikis and Document Management Systems

This post was originally published in my old blog: KM Space. Versions of this article appeared as Which Route? KM Legal, Volume 2 Issue 4, June 2008 http://www.kmlegalmag.com/coverfeature EI Case study: Wiki versus DMS at Goodwin Procter Inside Knowledge, Volume 11 Issue 8 http://www.ikmagazine.com/ The document management system has long been the factory assembly line

The blog begins … as a continuation

If you’ve come to this post, you are probably wondering how long I have been blogging and what I’m all about. I first started blogging in February of 2007 with my blog on Knowledge Management: KM Space. It started as an exploration of how blogging and other web 2.0 tools could be used inside a