Right to Audit

From the KPMG 2008 Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Survey:

While 63 percent of those respondents that require periodic compliance certifications said they incorporate a right-to-audit clause in their third-party contracts, a significant majority of these (68 percent) has never exercised the right (see Chart 4). A right-to-audit clause appears to be the kind of oversight expected by regulators and prosecutors, and has been included as an essential element of FCPA compliance in several recent deferred or nonprosecution agreements that companies have reached with the SEC and the DOJ. Recent agreements entered into in 2008 included, for example, stipulations that the parties agree to adopt new or to modify existing procedures to include “rights to conduct audits of the books and records of” agents or business partners “to ensure compliance” with anti-bribery laws and regulations.