The Dangers of Bribery

The downfall of local politician can cast a shadow of filth across your company. Here in Boston, state Senator Diane Wilkerson was arrested for public corruption. In an editorial in the Boston Globe, the newspaper noted that Wilkerson’s arrest raised suspicions about real estate developments in her district that she aggressively supported: The Grimy Side of Politics.

According to Azid Mohammed, Wilkerson pressured local real estate developers: Developer Reportedly Worried Aboud Demands made By Senator. In Wilkerson arrest sting, an FBI agent was posing as a real estate developer offering bribes to Wilkerson if she would help the agent win ownership of state owned real estate.

The danger of bribery is not only that you get caught, but that the official gets caught or someone else in the chain gets caught and brings you down as part of a larger problem.

The Affidavit in support of the criminal complaint against Wilkerson.

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