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Revisiting Toyota, Ethics and Compliance

After many people slapped Toyota with the unethical label over its unintended acceleration problem, it appears that Toyota may be vindicated. The Wall Street Journal is reporting some early results form the U.S. Department of Transportation’s analysis of data recorders. They found that throttles were wide open and brakes not engaged on Toyotas involved in

Incentives, Productivity and NUMMI

I recently listened to a great show from This American Life. They covered the story of New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI). General Motors and Toyota opened NUMMI in 1984 as a joint venture so Toyota could start building cars in the US. Toyota showed GM the secrets of its production system and how Toyota

Toyota, Ethics and Compliance

With Toyota’s problems all over the news, I started to think about whether compliance and ethics professionals could learn anything from these problems. To begin, I don’t think there is a systemic problem with their vehicles or with the company. I think the sudden acceleration problem is bunk. Yes, I own a Toyota, but my