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Pay to Play Rule In Effect on July 31

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced the compliance date for the ban on third-party solicitation pursuant to the Pay-to-Play rule: July 31, 2015. Rule 206(4)-5 prohibits an investment adviser from providing compensated services to a government entity, following a political contribution to certain officials of that entity. Rule 206(4)-5 became effective on September 13, 2010 […]

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Some Relief for a Fund Manager Under the Political Contributions Rule

SEC Rule 206(4)-5 for investment advisers and fund managers limits the ability of a firm’s employees to make political contributions. It’s a nasty rule. Violation of the rule does not require any bad intent. The breadth of affected political candidates is long, diverse, and hard to discover. Anthony Yoseloff worked at Davidson Kempner Capital Management […]

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Controls on Political Contributions

In the face of some pay-to-play scandals involving investment advisers and government sponsored investment fund officials, the Securities and Exchange Commission slapped restrictions on the ability of investment advisers and fund managers to make political contributions. Rule 206(4)-5 prohibits an investment manager or fund manager from collecting fees for two years if the firm or […]

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