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Carried Interest and Obama’s American Jobs Act

The tax treatment of carried interest has been eyed as a revenue source off and on for the past few years. It’s back in the sights of the administration in the new American Jobs Act. Subtitle B – Tax Carried Interest in Investment Partnerships as Ordinary Income Section 411 – Partnership Interests Transferred in Connection

Performance Fees for Private Investments Funds under the Investment Adviser Act

As  more private investment funds will be pulled under the regulatory umbrella of the Investment Advisers Act,they will need to focus on the limitation on performance fees. Section 205(a)(1) of the Advisers Act generally prohibits any investment adviser, unless exempt from registration pursuant to Section 203(b) of the Advisers Act, from entering into, extending, renewing,

Tax on Carried Interest? Maybe Not.

Tucked into the Tax Extenders Act of 2009 (H.R. 4213) was a provision targeted at partnership interests held by partners providing services. H.R. 4213 flew through the legislative process of the House of Representatives. It was introduced on December 7, 2009 and passed by the House on December 9, mostly along party lines. The Carried

Carried Interest Tax Legislation Suddenly Appears and Moves Forward

Tucked into the Tax Extenders Act of 2009 (H.R. 4213), is a provision targeted at partnership interests held by partners providing services. This proposal seems to be the same proposal offered by Congressman Sandy Levin from the 12th District of Michigan in H.R. 1935 which has been sitting in Committee [See prior post: Carried Interest

Carried Interest Tax Legislation

We saw in the Obama budget (A New Era of Responsibility) that the administration was looking to raise revenue by taxing the carried interest for private investment funds. I was waiting to see how that one line item in the budget might translate into actual legislation and a change in tax policy. Congressman Sandy Levin

Proposal to Tax Carried Interests as Ordinary Income

The Obama Administration has labeled their 2010 budget as A New Era of Responsibility. Part of that responsibility appears to be taxing carried interest as ordinary income. On page 122 of the budget there is a single line item: “Tax carried interest as ordinary income,” with projections of $2,742 million in 2011, $4,347 million in

New York State Bar Position on Carried Interest

Besides the position of Professor Bankman on carried interest, the New York State bar submitted a very detailed report and recommendations to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: New York State Bar Tax Section Report on Carried Interest and Fee Deferral Legislation (.pdf) September, 2008

Joseph Bankman Testimony on Hedge Fund Tax Treatment

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing on hedge funds and the financial market on November 13, 2008. Among those testifying was Professor Joseph Bankman, the Ralph M. Parsons Professor of Law and Business at Stanford Law School: Testimony of Joseph Bankman. Professor Bankman points out that the carried interest of