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Who Knows What?

A nice piece in Monday’s Wall Street Journal on knowledge management: Who Knows What? Finding in-house experts isn’t easy. But most companies make it harder than it should be. The article, by  Dorit Nevo, Izak Benbasat and Yair Wand, explores the expertise location benefits of enterprise 2.0. The authors describe the use of blogs, wikis, social

Social Networking for the Legal Profession

I just finished reading Social Networking for the Legal Profession by Penny Edwards and Lee Bryant. They were nice enough to send me a copy. Penny and Lee used a few quotes from me, referred to some of my writings and used some of my social networking activity as examples. That poor judgment aside, the book

Social Media and Your Compliance Program

Bill Piwonka, Amanda Mayhew and Rodica Buzescu from EthicsPoint gave a webinar on social media and compliance. These are my notes: The presentation started with a user poll on the approach to social media at the attendees’ organizations: 27% block all social media sites 42% block a few social media sites only 29% allow all

Enterprise 2.0 at Goodwin Procter

Can law firms jump on the Enterprise 2.0 bandwagon? Lawyers are generally seen as conservative users of technology, preferring to use a quill and inkwell over a web-based publishing platform. David Hobbie shares some of the successes he has encountered in the adoption of Enterprise 2.0 at Goodwin Procter (.pdf – page 13) in the

Why I Blog

Why does this blog exist? Why do I blog? When do I Blog? If you want answers to these questions, I put together this page on Why I Blog.

Blogs for Investor Relations

Louis Thompson, Jr. has an article in Compliance Week on using blogs for investor relations. Blogs: If Used Properly, an Investor-Friendly Tool (subscription required). Louis focuses on the Dell Shares blog used as an investor relations tool by Dell, Inc. and the GE Reports blog used by General Electric. Since this is a blog, I

Compliance Building Is Now Mobile

To those of you who use mobile devices, I have installed a plugin that makes it easier to read Compliance Building on your mobile device.  It looks great on my iPhone. At some point in the future I will add a little more pizzazz to the color scheme and maybe an image. It also renders

Five Things Every Legal Practice Should Know About 2.0

At the recent LegalTech conference, Lee Bryant and May Abraham presented on Web 2.0 tool inside law firms (a/k/a Enterprise 2.0). Lee shares his thoughts on his Headshift blog:  Five Things Every Legal Practice Should Know About 2.0: In the session, we tried to get across just how easy it is to find meaningful use

In Case You Missed The Webinar. . .

Here is the archive of the webcast for you to watch at your leisure. You can also see the live commentary on the webcast that happened on Twitter: Twitter/ #SecuritiesD. You can also get the materials from the webcast.

FINRA’s Guide to the Internet

FINRA has published a Guide to the Internet for Registered Representatives. It paints a difficult picture for registered representatives wanting to use Web 2.0 tools. FINRA breaks internet activity into five main group for purposes or regulatory requirements: Publicly available Web sites (including banner advertisements, blogs and bulletin boards) are considered advertisements. An email or