Cost-effective Compliance Risk Assessment

Rees Morrison, publisher of Law Department Management,  is hosting a series of articles on Cost-effective Compliance Risk Assessment. This series is written by Jeff Kaplan of Kaplan & Walker LLP. The first article was on Three trends regarding the costs of ineffective compliance. Jeff first focused on the increasing occurrence of the “mega fine.” Then […]

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Lawyer’s Noisy Withdrawal from Stanford Case

Lawyers must protect their clients’ confidence, but they can’t aid in the commission of a potential crime. The Wall Street Journal covered some of the facts leading up to the “noisy withdrawal” of Thomas Sjoblom of Proskauer Rose LLP from their representation of the Stanford Financial Group: Top Lawyer’s Withdrawal From Stanford Case Waves a […]

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Twitter Good or Bad?

Most people are up in the air about what to do with Twitter. I thought I would put together two contrasting views. First up, Evan Williams on how Twitter’s spectacular growth is being driven by unexpected uses: And then Jon Stewart on why the Twitter Frenzy is silly: The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – […]

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Federal Knowledge Management Working Group

The Federal Knowledge Management Working Group consists of over 700 Federal employees, contractors, academicians and interested members of the public who have mounted a campaign to enhance collaboration, knowledge and learning in the Federal Government by implementing formal knowledge management. Neil Olonoff, who is the leader for the initiative looking at the formation of a […]

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Corporate Compliance Fraud in Georgia, Florida and Massachusetts

Just like the Corporate Compliance Fraud in Ohio, Compliance Services is also targeting companies in Georgia, Florida and Massachusetts. The Daily Citizen is reporting Georgia corporations warned about solicitations. The Georgia Secretary of State issued a warning: “Several corporations registered with the Corporations Division of the Office of the Secretary of State received a letter […]

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Twitter in the Workplace

Should you allow your employees to use Twitter? Are they already using Twitter? The answer to both questions is probably YES. Your employees are probably already using Twitter and they do not need your computer network for access. They can access Twitter by text messages, an iPhone, a blackberry or any other smartphone. Personally, I […]

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Hedge Fund Adviser Registration Act of 2009

Congressmen Mike Capuano of Massachusetts and Mike Castle of Delaware introduced the Hedge Fund Adviser Registration Act of 2009 (H.R. 711). The Act, if passed, would delete Section 203(b)(3) from the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. This section of the Investment Advisers Act exempts from registration an investment adviser who has fewer than 15 clients […]

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Electronic Filing of Form D and Amendments Becomes Mandatory on March 16

Beginning March 16, 2009, Form D filings are required to be made electronically on EDGAR. See SEC Release No. 33-8891 (February 6, 2008).  Form D is commonly used for offerings made under the Rule 506 safe harbor to accredited investors. While the filing of a Form D is not a condition to the exemption, it […]

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Recent Trends and Patterns in FCPA Enforcement

Philip Urofsky and Danforth Newcomb of Shearman & Sterling LLP have released their latest update on the Recent Trends and Patterns in FCPA Enforcement (.pdf). The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has been front page news quite a bit lately with the enormous settlement of Siemens. The first to break through $1 billion. The Hallibuton/KBR settlement […]

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The Ben Bernanke Interchange

View Larger Map The rural South Carolina town of Dillon has decided to dedicate Exit 190 on Interstate 95 as the Ben Bernanke interchange. [Insert your own joke about crashes.] Bernanke grew up in Dillon and graduated from Dillon High School. The dedication ceremony is scheduled for Saturday. So not confuse the Ben Bernanke Interchange […]

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