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A Focus on Valuation Sources

Private funds are often dealing hard-to-value assets. Real estate funds are overwhelmingly dealing with hard-to-value assets. For purposes of GAAP reporting those will be the Level 2 and Level 3 assets. For these assets, valuations can be manipulated if you have a wiling participant in the process. For thinly-traded securities, like some bonds, private funds

SEC Views on Valuation

The Securities and Exchange Commission regulations for investment advisers does not contain any specific requirements on how valuations should be conducted. That means operating under the general anti-fraud provisions. That is, valuations should not be misleading, deceptive or fraudulent. Although there are no specific regulations, there are enforcement actions from the SEC against advisers that

SEC Brings a Real Estate Valuation Action

Real estate is the standard for hard to value assets. But there are plenty of models to help reach a reasonable value. The Securities and Exchange Commission has apparently taken the position that it will not challenge absolute valuations, but will challenge flaws in the models that get to the value. A recent SEC case

Private Fund Is Sanctioned for Valuation Issues

The Securities and Exchange Commission brought another case out of its Aberrational Performance Inquiry initiative in the Enforcement Division’s Asset Management Unit. That initiative identifies funds with suspicious returns and flags performance that is inconsistent with a fund’s investment strategy or other benchmarks forms a basis for further investigation and scrutiny. The initiative nabbed GLG