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How to Find Answers Within Your Company – Would Quora Work?

Making sure that people get the right answer to questions is vital to the success of a business. From a compliance perspective, it’s important that questions in the compliance domain get answered correctly. It’s just as important that compliance professionals can find the correct answers to their questions. On one side you have GRC, trying

Fourth of July and Compliance

With the Fourth of July on Sunday, most businesses are closed on July 5th. (We hate to waste a good holiday.) What better way to celebrate the independence of the United States than by taking the day off from work and watching stuff blow up. In colonial times, official proclamations were read from the Old

Data Breaches and Knowledge Management

One of the features of the new Massachusetts Data Privacy Law is that it forces some knowledge management on companies in the context of data breaches. Since the law required compliance on or before March 1, 2010, I assume you already have the policy and safeguards in place. That is, if you have social security

The Four Areas of Risk and Knowledge

When thinking about risk, I break things into four quadrants. There are things we know and there are things we don’t know as individuals. I then slice slice that further again with the things we know and the things we don’t know as part of the larger organization or conscious state. Our sweet spot is

Who Knows What?

A nice piece in Monday’s Wall Street Journal on knowledge management: Who Knows What? Finding in-house experts isn’t easy. But most companies make it harder than it should be. The article, by  Dorit Nevo, Izak Benbasat and Yair Wand, explores the expertise location benefits of enterprise 2.0. The authors describe the use of blogs, wikis, social

Personal Knowledge Management and Compliance

Today, I am presenting at the Boston KM Forum on Personal Knowledge Management. My presentation is part an all-day symposium on personal knowledge management. My take on this subject is that knowledge management had been too focused on the benefits to the enterprise instead of the immediate benefits to the individual. Firehose of Information We

Web 2.0, Knowledge Management and Professional Development

Mark Frydenberg is teaching a new, experimental class at Bentley University’s: CS 299 – Web 2.0: Technology, Strategy, Community. I am the experiment today, telling my story to his students. The focus of my presentation will be how I learned about Web 2.0, started using it as a knowledge management tool and how I now

Happy Columbus Day

I decided to take the day off for Columbus Day. School is closed and the office is closed. Although, I posted this picture. So I guess I did something related to compliance.

Federal Knowledge Management Working Group

The Federal Knowledge Management Working Group consists of over 700 Federal employees, contractors, academicians and interested members of the public who have mounted a campaign to enhance collaboration, knowledge and learning in the Federal Government by implementing formal knowledge management. Neil Olonoff, who is the leader for the initiative looking at the formation of a

Knowledge Management Sites Search

I have update my KM Sites search tool. The search below is built from a custom Google Search It searches the following sites: 3 Geeks and a Law Blog Aa..ha![Thinking Inside The Blog] Above and Beyond KM by Mary Abraham AcidLabs by Stephen Collins All of Us are Smarter Than Any of Us by Chris