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Network Security, Compliance, and Out-Sourcing Your Job To China

You may have heard the story about the computer programmer who outsourced his work duties and sat in is office watching cat videos all day. “Bob” was an “inoffensive and quiet” programmer in his mid-40’s, with “a relatively long tenure with the company” and “someone you wouldn’t look at twice in an elevator.” His company


Based on the White House statement about Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the PROTECT IP Act and the Online Protection and Digital ENforcement Act (OPEN), those bills may be in serious trouble. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), H.R. 3261, as originally proposed bill would allow the U.S. Department of Justice to take action against

Quon Roundup on Employee Computer Privacy

Lots of discussion about the Quon case focused on the lack of technology expertise by the Justices on the Supreme Court. Actually, most people labeled them as Luddites. DC Dicta even claims that Chief Justice Roberts writes his opinions in long hand with pen and paper. This issue that I am hoping to see addressed

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Check out the top tips to keep you safe online: Know who you’re dealing with online. Keep your web browsers and operating system up to date. Back up important files. Protect your children online. Use security software tools as your first line of defense. Use strong passwords or

Workplace Computer Policy and the Attorney Client Privilege

Back in April, I mentioned a New Jersey case that found e-mail, sent during work hours on a company computer, was not protected by the attorney-client privilege: Compliance Policies and Email (Stengart v. Loving Care [.pdf]) That case has now been overturned. It seems that a company’s policy on computer use may be more limited

Investor Relations 2.0

eBay took a bold move yesterday, using Web 2.0 tools for investor relations. During its first analysts’ meeting in three years, eBay management had a live twitter stream with live coverage of the meeting and bloggers with just less than live coverage of the meeting. The securities industry seems to be struggling with Web 2.0

Blogging and Social Networking Policies

Here are some policies that I like for dealing with blogging and social networking sites: IBM Social Computing Guidelines – Blogs, wikis, social networks, virtual worlds and social media Cisco’s Internet Postings Policy Sun Microsystems: Sun Guidelines on Public Discourse BBC: Personal use of social networking and other third party websites (including blogging and personal

Enforce Your Email and Web Acceptable Usage Policies

MessageLabs (now part of Symantec) published a whitepaper Not Just Words: Enforce Your Email And Web Acceptable Usage Policies.  The Whitepaper was written by Nancy Flynn, Executive Director of the ePolicy Institute. Email & Web Rule #1: Comply with Legal and Regulatory Rules Email & Web Rule #2: Enforce Acceptable Usage Policy with Training and

How To Keep The Corporate Website In Compliance With Securities Laws

Timothy Hearn of Dorsey and Whitney, penned SEC Provides Guidance On Use Of Company Web Sites in Cyberspace Lawyer Vol. 13, No. 9, Pgs. 8-12. Bowne’s Digest of Compliance professionals abstracted some of the highlights: Tips On How To Keep The Corporate Website In Compliance With Securities Laws. The SEC has issued an interpretive release