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Challenging the SEC on the New Five Year Limit

  It didn’t take long for defendants to take advantage of the Gabelli decision. That Supreme Court decision enforced the strict five year statute of limitations on enforcement actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC is not entitled to the “discovery rule” which would have allowed the SEC’s five-year time bar to start […]

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A Little Extra Ketchup on It

Warren buffet loves ketchup, and with his $23 billion acquisition of Heinz, he may love it even more. Apparently someone found out about the flow of ketchup before the deal was announced and profited handsomely on that knowledge. The Securities and Exchange Commission brought an emergency case when they discovered an astonishingly accurate trade that […]

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Phone Calls Can Get You Caught Insider Trading

The insider trading prosecution of Raj Rajaratnam was centered around phone calls. Prosecutors were able to get a recording of those calls. Can you get a conviction merely by tying phone calls to trades, without knowing the content of the calls? The Securities and Exchange Commission is hoping that old-fashioned phone call logs will be […]

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Airport Use as Illegal Inside Information

I’m a bit confused by the big story in Bloomberg about David Slaine, a key informant for the recent crackdown on insider trading. It starts off with Slaine trying to claim that a money manager was illegally using airplane flight information into Teterboro Airport to profit on stocks. The claim was that his tipsters would […]

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How to Get Caught Insider Trading

Thomas C. Conradt and David J. Weishaus were brokers at Euro Pacific Capital when they came across a golden source of information. IBM was getting ready to purchase SPSS, Inc. for $50 per share. Now the SEC is charging them with illegally trading on that inside information. Both are challenging the complaint, so we will […]

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Now We are Talking About Real Money – SEC Brings $250 Million Insider Trading Case

On Tuesday, the Securities and Exchange Commission released news of an alleged insider-trading scheme that reaped profits and avoided losses of more than $276 million. The SEC brought the charges against (1) CR Intrinsic Investors LLC, (2) its former portfolio manager, Mathew Martoma, and (3) a medical consultant for an expert network firm, Dr. Sidney […]

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No Language Barrier to Prosecuting Insider Trading

The Securities and Exchange Commission alleges that Waldyr Da Silva Prado Neto, a citizen of Brazil who was working for Wells Fargo in Miami, learned about an impending acquisition and profited illegally from insider information. The SEC was apparently undeterred by the language barrier in filing its action. The SEC claims that Prado, while a […]

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Insider Trading is a Victimless Crime (?)

Dilbert September 13, 2012

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Don’t Trade Stock in Your Friend’s Company, Illegally

Ladislav “Larry” Schvacho purchased approximately 72,000 shares of Comsys IT Partners, Inc. stock between November 9, 2009 and February 1, 2010. On February 2, 2010, Manpower, Inc. and Comsys publicly announced a merger, resulting in a 31% percent increase in the share price of Comsys from its prior day’s close. As a result of his trading […]

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Will They Contest the Freeze?

It looks like the SEC has stopped a big insider trading scheme. At least for the moment. But can the SEC find the evidence to prove its suspicions about Well Advantage? I doubt it. The case involves trading in shares in advance of the announced $15 billion acquisition of a Canadian oil producer, Nexen, by […]

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