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Compliance and Dodd-Frank at Four

It’s been four years since the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law. President Obama sat down on July 21, 2010 to sign the behemoth of a bill that was the most dramatic change to financial industry in years. Besides the hundreds of pages of text in the law itself, […]

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Comply With What?

The starting point for any compliance program is to determine what you are trying to comply with. Every company has some legal requirements or contractual requirements that govern how it operates its business. Every company will place different emphasis on which of those requirements it will put under its compliance program. Every company will operate […]

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Bad Actors on Form ADV and Under Rule 506(d)

The Securities and Exchange Commission has layered two tests for bad actors on to private fund managers. On Form ADV, the fund manager will need to disclose bad actor events. Then the second test comes under the new Rule 506(d) that also requires disclosure for bad actors in private placements and a bar for recent […]

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Spot the Fraudster

One of the challenges that consumers face when dealing with a financial adviser is what it means to be a “financial adviser.” The terms financial planner, wealth consultant, stockbroker, investment adviser, financial consultant, and others get thrown around, leaving you how that person gets paid for helping you with your money. A fraudster may sling […]

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Making Compliance Easier

At PEI ‘s Private Fund Compliance Forum, one attendee asked how to make compliance easier. That caught the room by surprise. If compliance was easy, we would likely would not be at the Forum. But it did get me thinking about ways to make compliance easier. First, compliance is hard because the laws we comply […]

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The SEC Says Be Wary of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been the Dutch Tulips of investment for a few years. So of course that means the fraudsters have latched on. The Securities and Exchange Commission has piled on and issued an Investor Alert: Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currency-Related Investments. This is the second investor alert from the SEC on Bitcoin. The first was […]

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What Compliance Officers Really Do

It’s an old meme, but it made me laugh.

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Form PF Filing Day

If you run a private fund, today is deadline for the annual Form PF filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Depending on the type of fund, you have different reporting requirements. The SEC gets bogged down with poor definitions trying to distinguish among the types of funds. In the glossary to Form PF, a […]

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The SEC Expresses Its Displeasure on Fund Fees

A few days ago, Bloomberg published a story that the Securities and Exchange Commission has examined about 400 private equity firms and found that more than half charged “unjustified fees and expenses without notifying investors”. The SEC followed through with that story and recently charged Total Wealth Management with improperly disclosing fee revenue. Total Wealth […]

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Real Estate Investing and Crowdfunding

Real estate investing is capital-intensive. It should be a natural area for crowdfunding. The big concern is fees and conflicts. With a tech startup, you are investing in an idea and the people with the idea. It may grow exponentially or blow up, leaving little behind. Part of the investment is paying the people to […]

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