It’s tough thinking about compliance this morning after staying up to watch the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history by one of the greatest quarterbacks, orchestrated by one of the greatest coaches.

I reflect back humbly. I grew up with the red-uniformed Patsies. I remember the 1 and 2 win seasons. I remember the years of not being able to beat Miami in Miami.

At halftime of this game, I remembered the Patriots’ first Super Bowl when the team was steamrolled by the great ’85 Bears in what, at the time, was the most lopsided loss in Super Bowl history.

I remember the Patriots with one foot out the door to St. Louis and again with an aborted move to Hartford.

I know that the painting in Tom Brady’s attic will not hold back time forever, that Belichick will retire someday, and that Mr. Kraft will pass on the team to someone else to run. This dynasty will come to end some day.

But not today.

I’ll leave with a picture of my good friend holding the Lombardi Trophy last night.