Starting New Compliance Habits in 2014

power of habit

One of my favorite books of 2012 was Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit. The book is full of interesting ideas and based on an impressive collection of research. But it does a great job of balancing intellectual seriousness with practical advice. Even better, it’s written in a lively style, making it easy to read and digest. (The book was on my to read list before the publisher sent me a review copy.)

Fostering better compliance in your organization (or in you) can be improved by instilling better habits. Mr. Duhigg offers great information on how habit patterns form and how to change them.

If you have not yet read the book and would like a copy, Mr. Duhigg has offered a complimentary copy of his new paperback edition to one of my readers. If you are interested, leave a comment or send an email to by Wednesday, January 8 at 5:00 pm EST. I’ll randomly pick a winner.

For those of you looking to start an exercise routine as a New Year’s resolution, here is a handy flow chart from Duhigg to help you:

habit flowchart-599x1024