Sorry folks. The federal government is closed. The moose out front should’ve told you.

park's closed

Not exactly.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is still open and operational. The SEC’s current operational plan in the event of an SEC shutdown is available here (pdf). It’s not clear from reading this what will be operational and what is discontinued.

That’s in part because the SEC has a carryover balance that will allow it become fully operational for a few weeks. But at some point, if Congress can’t find it’s way out the paper bag it’s in, operations will start being shutdown.

Other parts of the government are shutting down. I expect it will be a bit easier commute into the District this morning. They will pass the Tea party Republicans holding their breath and not willing to pass a funding bill unless the Affordable Care Act is defunded or delayed.

Unfortunately, even if a funding bill is passed, we may see this battle again when the debt ceiling needs to be raised in a few weeks.