Investment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional

IACCP Certification

Just tooting my own horn today. I finally fulfilled the requirement to become an Investment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional®.

With the SEC’s registration requirement for private fund managers, I took a closer look at what the SEC requires for compliance professionals.  Rule 206(4)-7 imposes no particular requirements on a chief compliance officer. The SEC release for the rule provides a bit a more context on the professional background requirements:

“An adviser’s chief compliance officer should be competent and knowledgeable regarding the Advisers Act…”

I  looked at several compliance programs but decided the Investment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional Program co-sponsored by the Investment Adviser Association and National Regulatory Services would be the best choice.

I assume this certification and designation would give me the right to say I am “competent and knowledgeable regarding the Advisers Act.”

The program is a lot of work: 20 courses and a test. The test was hard. I did not feel confident that I had passing marks when I handed it in. But apparently I did.

This was my lineup of courses, all of which were well run:

  • Introduction to the Advisers Act
  • Books and Records Requirements for Investment Advisers
  • Insider Trading, Contracts and Form ADV Deilvery Req.
  • Understanding Fiduciary Duties, Sweep of Anti-Fraud Prov
  • Custody, Pay to Play, Solicitors and Proxy Voting Anti-Fraud Rules
  • Compliance Programs Rules
  • IA Codes of Ethics
  • Prof. Ethics: Ethical Decision-Making for Compliance
  • Form ADV Part 1- Annual Updating Amendment and More
  • Form ADV Part 2: Identifying and Disclosing Conflicts-
  • Critical Skills for High Performance Compliance Profes
  • Investment Adviser Performance and Advertising
  • Investment Adviser Regulatory Update
  • Anti-Money Laundering Risk Management and Monitoring
  • Safely Embracing the Power of Social Media
  • Defensible Due Diligence for Investment Advisers and Hedge Funds
  • A Tailored Compliance Testing Program for IAs
  • SEC Examinations for Investment Advisers
  • Trading Practices, Portfolio Compliance and Related Enforcement Cases
  • RIA Year-End Compliance Check-Up

More on the Investment Adviser Certified Compliance Professional Program.

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