Compliance Bits and Pieces for May 18

These are some compliance-related stories that recently caught my attention.

Compliance officers face multiple options for credentials

Certification and continuing education courses abound for compliance professionals, as the demand for their expertise grows and as they seek new jobs and higher wages. Membership groups and educational programs abound to help professionals increase their skills and understanding of the specific regulations in their industries — or to increase their proficiency at spotting risk and ethics lapses in general — while networking with like-minded peers.

Signed Laws & Rules Around the Corner by William Carleton

One way to remind ourselves how much is at stake in JOBS Act rulemaking – even though the JOBS Act itself has already passed – is to remember what happened to the net worth standard under the accredited investor definition of Regulation D, following the passage of Dodd-Frank.

Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Crowdfunding by Andrew Ledbetter in The Venture Alley

In today’s age of social media success stories, there is something superficially interesting about crowdfunding as a high-level idea. There has certainly been no shortage of attention to crowdfunding in the press and from business people. But in looking at the new JOBS Act exemption for crowdfunding, I see lots of reasons why many companies will avoid it. While this list could be expanded – and will need to be revised as the SEC adopts rules to implement the new exemption – to get things started I offer up these ten reasons: …

Walls of Silence Explained by Howard Sklar

What do you think the reaction of the CCO would be? My first thought about the CCO’s reaction is that it would be, “are you out of your f%&$#ng mind?!” But perhaps that’s not a cultural fit with the company. He might also say, “that’s an interesting perspective.” Which, in one company I know, is the code for “are you out of your f%&$#ng mind?!” One of the first things you have to learn when you go in-house is the company’s (or your boss’) code phrase for “that’s the most boneheaded idea I’ve ever heard!”

At the SEC, Investigations About Investigators Who Investigate Other Investigators by Bruce Carton in Compliance Week

David Kotz, the former SEC Inspector General, departed the agency in January 2012 to rejoin the private sector, and it seemed as if this surge of “investigations of investigations” had ended. It turns out that it has not and, if anything, it seems to be headed for levels of “investigations of investigations” that we have not before reached.

Compliance Balloon by Ront