Private Equity Real Estate Top 30 – 2012 Edition

Private Equity Real Estate just released its ranking of the top 30 real estate private equity fund managers. As I have done in the past, I parsed the list to see which managers are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as investment advisers. (Disclosure: my company is on the list.)

1 The Blackstone Group Registered
2 Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing Registered
3 Goldman Sachs Real Estate Principal Investment Area Registered
4 Tishman Speyer Registered
5 Colony Capital Registered
6 The Carlyle Group Registered
7 Lone Star Funds (Hudson Advisors) Registered
8 Beacon Capital Partners Registered
9 Westbrook Partners Registered
10 LaSalle Investment Management Registered
11 MGPA Registered
12 Starwood Capital Group Registered
13 CBRE Global Investors Registered
14 AREA Property Partners Registered
15 Prudential Real Estate Investors Registered
16 TA Associates Realty Registered
17 Angelo, Gordon & Co Registered
18 Rockpoint Group Registered
19 Shorenstein Properties
20 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Principal Investments Registered
21 AEW Global Registered
22 Hines Registered
23 Brookfield Asset Management Registered
24 Lubert-Adler Real Estate Registered
25 JER Partners Registered
26 Grove International Partners Registered
27 CIM Group
28 Northwood Investors Registered
29 DRA Advisors Registered
30 Walton Street Capital Registered
Other Real Estate Fund Managers  —
GI Partners Registered
KSL Capital Registered
Aetos Capital Registered
Citi Property Investors Registered
Lehman Brothers Real Estate Private Equity Registered
Crow Family Registered
Jamestown, LP Registered
KK daVinci Advisers
Rockwood Capital Registered
RREEF Alternative Investments Registered
Rockefeller Group Registered


It still stands that 28 of the top 30 are registered with the SEC as Investment Advisers.

There are good arguments to be made on both sides of the registration debate for real estate funds. The core requirement under the Investment Advisers Act is that the manager is giving investment advice about securities. Most of these real estate fund managers are truly focused on real estate and not securities. However, the discussion between what is and is not a security may be fun for the first week of your securities law class in law school. It’s not a fun discussion when trying to comply with regulatory requirements.

The PERE 30 measures capital raised for direct real estate investment through commingled vehicles, together with co-investment capital, over the past five years.


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